(03MM) Maddie Kapsimalis Gives MVP Effort Towards Fight Against Diabetes

Maddie K. (03MM) has had type 1 diabetes for over seven years, and every year participates in the JDRF One Walk at Independence Grove in Libertyville to raise money and awareness for type 1 diabetes. This year’s walk took place this past Sunday (October 1st). As the co-captain of team, Titan Nation, Maddie helped raise over $10,000 just this year for JDRF. ┬áSince starting the walk, Maddie’s teams have raised almost $50,000.

Midwest Machine and her family are very proud of how hard she works to manage her diabetes while playing multiple sports, as well as her efforts to support others who have this disease.

Huge shout out to Maddie K. for getting it done on the field and off the field!!!

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