03 Midwest Machine Takes Victory Over Crush Tidal Waves 04

03 Midwest Machine took home a 5-1 victory over Crush Tidal Waves 04 on Sunday.

03 Midwest Machine got things moving in the first inning, when Bailey Nicholoff doubled on a 2-1 count, scoring two runs.

Emma Borrelli took the win for 03 Midwest Machine . She allowed four hits and one run over six innings, striking out two and walking zero.

Shelby Wasilewski started the game for Crush Tidal Waves 04 . She allowed three hits and five runs over three innings, striking out two. Addison Mass threw three innings out of the bullpen.

Borrelli, Jessica Hoffman, Adrianna Martinez, and Nicholoff each collected one hit to lead 03 Midwest Machine . 03 Midwest Machine was sure-handed and didn’t commit a single error. Martinez made the most plays with seven.

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